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OMSAC Denounces Accusations Against Saudi Arabia : A New Masquerade of Discrimination and Opportunism

The World Organization Security Against Corruption & Crime (OMSAC) vigorously denounces the recent accusations against Saudi Arabia, the sole candidate for hosting the 2034 World Cup. OMSAC considers these accusations as a new masquerade, similar to the one that followed Qatar's selection for the 2022 World Cup.

Conveniently, these criticisms only emerge when Arab countries are chosen to host global events. These actions are orchestrated by the same groups that sow discord and confusion under the guise of human rights and integrity. It is deplorable that these same accusers and their countries are the ones who profit the most from the wealth and money of Arab nations.

It is time to put an end to this hypocrisy and eliminate these parasites. The world will never forget that these opportunistic discriminators enjoyed the great celebration of the World Cup in Qatar, considered the best of all time, with many additional benefits.

It is also worth reminding these opportunists that it is thanks to the billions of dollars from Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia and Qatar, that their football clubs and national teams maintain their status as favorites.

For all these reasons, OMSAC expresses its unwavering support for Saudi Arabia's organization of the 2034 World Cup. We call on the global sports community to rally behind Saudi Arabia and thwart any attempt to undermine what promises to be the best World Cup in history.

Press & Media Department of OMSAC


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